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LMS - The Laser Marking Experts

Founded in early 2009 to provide subcontract laser marking services to the major industry sectors, LMS has steadily grown to become one of Singapore's leading suppliers of laser marking and laser engraving services.  With a range of laser types, X/Y axes, Z axes and rotary axes the vast majority of components can be processed.  Our services are used by nearly every industry sector including aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic, telecommunication and general manufacturing.

LMS provide a high quality service with a fast turnaround time.  Our emphasis is placed on working closely with the customer to meet their exact requirements in terms of quality and production schedule.

LMS can mark or engrave metals, alloys, plastics and ceramics. We accept batches from one item to many thousands. LMS has customers who require <0.05 millimetre accurate marks on optical components to simple logos on pens for corporate gifts.  Manufactured components, surgical devices and instruments, gobos, nameplates, labels, sanitary ware fittings, keyboards, buttons, keypads, micrometers, plated parts, moulded parts, cast parts, fascia plates or medical implants. You name it, we have probably marked it and can assist you with your marking and engraving needs.

We can accept marking and engraving Data in most common vector file formats including .SVG .AI .CDR .PLT and .DXF in addition to .BMP and .TIF raster formats.

In July 2019, after over 10 years in business, LMS moved to a larger factory premises to enable us to further increase capacity .

At the same time we also partnered with MJ Precision Tools to provide the manufacture and supply of  jigs, fixtures and tooling in addition to bespoke engineering products.